The team at Winding Tree held a hackathon last October 2018 in Prague. I joined up with a couple other cohorts to roll up our sleeves and get into the dirty details about smart contracts and travel applications.

You can check out our submission on the Winding Tree Hackathon GitHub repository here:

  • Initial environment was solc + geth running on Linux for Windows / Ubuntu.
  • We quickly moved to Truffle + Ropsten + MyEtherWallet. It expedited build/migrate, but testing failed (we were able to create new Hotel contracts, but the new function to set partners failed).
  • We were able to get the code working (unfortunately it worked AFTER the end/submission deadline) by copying to Remix + Ropsten for coding/compiling/testing

It was a great learning experience and a tech with a lot of potential.
Click here for more on the Winding Tree 2018 Prague Hackathon event.


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