One of the challenges with some of the new flight shopping APIs is where to start, notably for those who are either not technically inclined or don’t have familiarity with flight shopping APIs.

The objective was to create a simple, standalone, bring-your-own-API-key, one-page search and results form. It is an evolution of previous proofs-of-concept of a previous NDC POC based on AirGateway and the latest Angular on Stackblitz.

So there are four to play with using Duffel, AirGateway, Kiwi, and Amadeus For Developers respectively.

The need to register for one’s own API key is due to the fact that there is no great way to store/pass secret information on public websites such as JSFiddle or GitHub as normally this would be stored securely on a backend server somewhere (a separate problem to solve in the future…). As a side note, Amadeus For Developers has a 2-step authentication and token generation from a key (the first step was not yet included in the JSFiddle example, so you need to generate your own, ex: with the Postman collection here

You can try one of the easier to use ones directly here (no key needed for search) from :


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