A bit overdue but out the door she goes ….

This third quarter this year has had a number of exiting initiatives around better destination planning and sustainable travel .  A few to share with you below…

Better Trip Planning

have been receiving quite a bit of attention on their destination planning app which combines local content with geolocation and navigation in a very intuitive app.

GetSneak recently graduated from  dtac accelerate batch 7.

 is another destination planning app focusing on people being able to build and share itineraries with friends and the wider public.

ExploreMaps has started a couple of events in Singapore to build up new contributors and users, and has been also actively onboarding new partners.

Arrivalguides logo

Arrival Guides (Lonely Planet) is a hub for destination content and exetends to meets all content, marketing and booking needs of B2B clients.

It was acquired by Lonely Planet earlier this year and continues to work on its expansion.

Arrival Guides are looking on how to link them with other destination-focused companies to help bring more rapid growth and a wider content base for their destinations.



Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) held an event in Bangkok.  PFAN is supported by UNIDO as well as a handful of countries (US, Japan, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Austria).

PFAN aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs developing climate and clean energy projects and private sector investors.  They showcased a number of investments and initiatives in Thailand around sustainability and PFAN are currently expanding to sustainable travel initiatives.

AirCarbon Logo

As mentioned in a previous article, the UN’s ICAO’s CORSIA emission mitigation program for the global airline industry will be putting significant pressure on the airlines to officially report and eventually offset their carbon footprint according to the CORSIA standards.

AirCarbon Exchange is working to give the airlines a straightforward solution by creating a digital exchange market of carbon tokens in compliance with CORSIA rules and serving both the aviation community as well as carbon mitigation projects and programs.

In the meantime, Q4 is already upon us.
A number of great events are ongoing or coming up:


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