This is a first of what will be a series of newsletter on the ongoings around travel innovation with a slant on Asia Pacific.

The intent is to keep it exec-level and avoid “TL;DR”, something that can be digested quickly but still provides a birds-eye view of the changing travel innovation landscape.

So without further ado….

Travel Innovation in the news

Not specific to Asia but still big to the travel industry, the Goliaths of the digital gatekeepers are themselves stepping into the travel arena….

A look at recent investment in travel innovation…

Travel & Tourism is taking a big proportion of the innovation investment purse and Asia is among the leading regions. The following articles come together to provide an overview of where travel investment is coming from and where it is going:

  • BCG’s article on “ Innovation in Travel Must Put the Traveler First” indicated that after taking out the disproportional unicorns (AirBnB , Virgin Galactic, OYO, etc.), travel investment is in a decline and has shifted from North America to Asia.
  • Lufthansa Innovation Hub’s March 14, 2019 article “AI to analyze the earnings calls of airlines” flatly stated that “Wall Street doesn’t put any emphasis on ‘digital’ in the aviation context”. They further assert that “the bulk of Wall Street’s other 1,542 questions and comments focused on short-term financial metrics (in particular profitability) with little apparent interest in long-term strategy.“
  • CB Insights Jan 2018 review of “ State Of Travel Tech” recaps many of the trends and investments above into a holistic view.
  • PhocusWright provided an always thorough look at 2018 year in review, with a forecast into the hot 25 Startups for 2019.

…. and the footprint of travel innovation in Asia is growing….

Travel & Innovation Events in Asia Pacific

Always a good way to keep up-to-date and meet people face-to-face in the travel industry and in the Asia Pacific region…

Events recently wrapped up:

Upcoming Events:

Other Notable Events:


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