One of the challenges with some of the new flight shopping APIs is where to start, notably for those who […]
With the rise of COVID-19, people were scrambling for timely, accurate information, notably on travel and the wave of restrictions. […]
Problem Statement #1 – The Airline vs The Environment • In 2018, domestic and international flights emitted around 895m tonnes […]
In anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which will be released 20 December 2019, United Airlines […]
Overview The cloud enables websites to easily add business capabilities regardless of their main web page hosting or web server […]
A simple graphical routemap example ported from AmCharts
The team at Winding Tree held a hackathon last October 2018 in Prague. I joined up with a couple other […]
A travel company can become a tech solution provider by publishing & managing its APIs through one of the many […]
IATA NDC is the latest “thing” but getting started is not obvious. This project is a working NDC front-end posted […]