In addition to this clip my favourite bit of trivia: #Travel #GDS systems are an offspring of 1950’s Cold War […]
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Helsinki launching CaaS
Smart Cities x Travel Innovation…  interesting concept! Helsinki is calling for demo users to the World’s First “City as a […]
Travel Innovation is giving life to new enterprises who are seeking to anticipate travel pain points and develop new solutionsYou’ll […]
Organizations, by their very nature are designed to promote order and routine. They are inhospitable environments for innovation. — T. […]
When I started working in the travel industry, I was a bit overwhelmed with the jargon… “PNRs”, “EMDs”, “SSRs,” “GDS”, […]
Global warming and the impact to the ecosystem is a growing concern and becoming harder for the general public to […]
The travel industry has traditionally been tough for emerging startups to crack since much of the data & tech was […]