Travel Innovation is giving life to new enterprises who are seeking to anticipate travel pain points and develop new solutionsYou’ll […]
Organizations, by their very nature are designed to promote order and routine. They are inhospitable environments for innovation. — T. […]
When I started working in the travel industry, I was a bit overwhelmed with the jargon… “PNRs”, “EMDs”, “SSRs,” “GDS”, […]
A simple graphical routemap example ported from AmCharts
The team at Winding Tree held a hackathon last October 2018 in Prague. I joined up with a couple other […]
A travel company can become a tech solution provider by publishing & managing its APIs through one of the many […]
IATA NDC is the latest “thing” but getting started is not obvious. This project is a working NDC front-end posted […]
Global warming and the impact to the ecosystem is a growing concern and becoming harder for the general public to […]
The travel industry has traditionally been tough for emerging startups to crack since much of the data & tech was […]
One of the core challenges of being a travel provider today is how to get broad sources of offer content […]