Build powerful websites, apps and other travel tech with a simple, fast API. Choose from our offerings below.

Flight Schedules API

Help customers build dynamic travel itineraries and respond to the airline schedule changes that will impact their travel plans. Overlay weather and other contextual data to create predictive and dynamic tech solutions.

  • Used by OTAs, travel technology companies
  • See date and time of travel 12 months ahead
  • Dynamically generated single and double connections
  • Include or exclude LCC connections
  • Web Service (SOAP) in XML/JSON format

Flight Status API

Flexible, easily-consumed global flight status information integrates seamlessly with existing travel tech solutions and products.

Data feeds for airport operational systems, digital displays, websites, applications and reservation systems. Overlay contextual and historical data to drive predictive technology and trigger contingency plans for delays or diversions.

  • Query Response – Current flight status information delivered in easily-readable XML
  • Global Data Feeds – A complete snapshot of all current flight statuses followed by changes to flight status on a continuous basis
  • Airport Delay API – Continually updated delay status information on inbound and departing flights
  • Weather API – Description and graphic depiction of weather at hundreds of cities around the world delivered on a periodic basis. Includes current weather and temperature

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